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The Linkr Multipath Presentation Handout is finally available for download.

The handout is a 5 page document which contains a basic explanation of Multipath storytelling and has a large resource listing of videos, websites, viral marketing campaigns and also social networking sites.
A great resource for anyone who is interested.

We would also like to take this time to remind people about the up coming Multipath Film Making workshop being run on the first 3 weekends on February.

The event is open to everyone, especially actors, actresses, script writers, directors, editors, cinematographers, musicians, sound engineers, and anyone with an interest in film making.

As the groups are organised on a week by week basis you don't need to be present for the entire 3 weeks. You are welcome to attend even if you can only make it for a day or two. If you are already a film maker then feel free to bring your own equipment, otherwise we suggest you become an MRC member to get free access to their equipment hire and the editing factilities.

Checkout the Linkr website for more information on the workshop.

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