Do you have an interest in making 'interactive' films?
Have you ever wanted to revise or expand upon other peoples' stories?
Would you like to learn how the internet can be used to create narratives?

Multipath film making is a new way of thinking about interacting with films which is similar to those old Choose your own Adventure books, except using online video and it allows people to contribute their own sections of the story.

Films on the Fly, in conjunction with the MRC, are hosting a screening of the Multipath films created during the previous two Linkr film making workshops.
[Image] Linkr Launch Poster

What : Linkr - Launch Screening
Date : Saturday 4th of September 2010 from 4:30pm till 6pm.
Venue : MRC - Mercury Cinema
Host : Films on the Fly
Cost : Free!
NB : There is a pretty decent bar tab, so Free Drinks!
  1. Do you want to witness the launch of a new wave of film-making?
  2. Tired of the same old storylines, and wanna make your own stories?
  3. Feel like doing some networking over free drinks?

On the 4th of September you can do all three!

At the Mercury cinema, Films on the Fly will be screening the Linkr multipath film content and launching an all new interactive, online, video sharing platform.

With the support of the MRC, and the financial backing of mega, we have created a number of short Multipath films.

Starting off with a drunk guy walking home you can watch him get saved by a friend or embroiled in a covert spy operation. You can watch a vampire get run over or in a completely different film tree you can see competing breakup agencies.

As a bonus we’ve put down a bar tab. So come for the free drinks, stay for the videos and don’t forget to share the experience with your friends.


For more information check out the workshop page.

Interested in Multipath storytelling and Social networking? Download the Linkr Multipath Presentation Handout.pdf [800kb]

The Films on the Fly team : Michael, Sunny and John
"Do well with nothing, do better with little, but most of all, do it now" -- Kino

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