Linkr - Multipath Storytelling Presentation

Download the Linkr Multipath Presentation Handout.pdf [800kb]

Multipath Explanation Video

The Linkr Multipath Storytelling Presentation was hosted at the Mercury Cinema on Monday the 14th of December, 2009 it was presented by Michael Kubler, Sunny Wu, and John Willanski of Films on the Fly.

Humans communication of knowledge and ideas has changed over the millenia. From word of mouth, and cave paintings, to paper, books, cinema, TV, online video, and now, interactive online video.

The Linkr presentation explained the concept of Multipath storytelling, a new concept which will enable people to expand, adapt, and contribute to videos and stories. The presentation also gave an overview of how film makers can use new social networking tools and viral marketing techniques to help them distribute their films.

A rundown of the presentation content is listed below :

  1. The presenters will introduce themselves [2mins]
  2. Overview of what the presentation will be covering [2mins]
  3. History of Communication [10mins]
  4. Multipath storytelling explanation (including a short explaination video) [10mins]
  5. Start people thinking about Multipath stories and ideas [5mins]
  6. Q&A about the Multipath concept. [5mins]
  7. Short break [5mins]
  8. Explanation of the change from mass media to viral marketing and social networking [5mins]
  9. Examples of viral video campaigns [15mins]
  10. How viral marketing and interactive videos can help film makers grow [10mins]
  11. Explain the Linkr workshop and structure [5mins]
  12. Get people to share their Multipath film ideas and/or start getting people networking with each other [10mins]
  13. Conclusion/Overview [5mins]

The Films on the Fly team : John, Michael, and Sunny
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