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Newsletter #2

Workshop Times Updated!!!

Excellent news! Given how hard it is to wake up early on the weekend we have moved the workshop times ahead by an hour.

The workshop now starts at 10am

That's right, you can now SLEEP IN.

Checkout the updated Schedule for the full details..

A reminder to all those that couldn't make the first weekend, we are still looking for more people so come along!
We are particularly looking for more actors, actresses and anyone with skills in doing make-up, special effects, or sound.

Weekend in Review

Last weekend was the first Linkr Film making workshop. Whilst it started a little slow, it was a great success.

Saturday : Most of the participants arrived an hour or so late (hence why we've changed the schedule to start at 10am) but once started the Films on the Fly team gave a presenation explaining the Multipath concept, showed some example videos and got everyone to introduce themselves in a creative story like way.

The group then gathered at Caos, the local cafe for Lunch and some initial ideas generation. We filled up about 2 pages with random ideas then went back to the MRC and wrote up the main ideas into post-it notes. Things like 'Spy', 'Film Noir', and 'Blind Person'

From the initial ideas posted on one wall the 10 of us came up with a number of possible seed film ideas, with the best being Joan's suggestion of a drunk person struggling to get into his car.
The group took that seed film idea and came up with over 18 other film clip suggestions. Everything from parties, vampires and spies to him crashing his card and having someone mourning his death.

Some initial filming was done on Saturday, whilst the props, clothing, actors, character bios, script and storyboards were worked out for the main shoot that was then completed the following day.


Sunday : Most of the group met up on-location at the Norwood carpark to film a number of the scenes which had been imagined only the day before. It was a long and exhausting day, but very rewarding

Please note that given the scope of the work the editing of all the clips hasn't yet been completed and will not be available online this week.


Directions to the MRC

The Media Resource Centre is located at 13 Morphett Street, Adelaide, S.A.

Please note that the Mercury Cinema will be closed during this time so entry is through the back.

A reminder - The workshop starts at 10am

[Image] Map showing the MRC location